Virtual Offices

Not everyone needs a permanent, fully staffed base for their business all the time. Permanent offices come with a variety of overheads and expenses that often can’t be justified by the advantages of the location. The good news is, there is a smart and cost-effective solution. When you rent virtual offices in our Business Centre, you get the prestige and convenience of a central location without the permanent commitment.

Staton Young have a selection of essential virtual office services that can suit your needs. You can not only get the benefits of having a prime business address, dedicated phone or fax number and receptionist service, but also can reserve a meeting room at our Business Centre and so on. It’s like being able to hire premium facilities and book high-end services for the exact times you need them – no excess expenditure. Our virtual offices are modern and vibrant, ideal for making a great impression with potential clients and new business partners.

There are different ways you can rent virtual offices and book additional services with us. Depending on your day to day needs, Staton Young can arrange anything from a registered address to communication facilities or timeshare style office space.

Our virtual office packages provide businesses with a platform to impress clients without having to change their current location. Work from home, on the move, or even on holiday and benefit from the support and infrastructure of a major corporation without the cost.



  • Smart, cost effective solution

  • Impress clients without the cost of an office

  • Prestige and convenience of a central location

  • Dedicated phone, fax and telephone answering service

  • Dedicated meeting room facilities

  • Flexible arrangements, low monthly cost